Your options for custom labels

Usually, we can meet the needs of a business wanting a label from our huge range of standard sizes and shapes. From our stock labels, we can offer many different types of barcode labels and asset tags available, in a range of different materials, sizes and styles. These can be hard-wearing or durable, an asset label can be made to expose attempts to tamper with them. Practically this means that in most cases we can usually find something to suit their needs.

However we recognise that there may be times when a business will want a label, either barcode or asset tag that is customised, possibly a unique shape, being able to withstand hot or cold environments, direct sunlight or exposure to chemicals, and for aesthetic or brand image reasons, we can normally get exactly just what is needed.

The common options that businesses ask for when requesting a customised label fall into these categories. Size and shape are usually square, rectangular, or circular which do not fall into the range of standard cutters which we keep. The material rarely poses a problem as we keep a full range which includes popular vinyl, paper, anodised aluminium, and polyester. The adhesive backing is likely to fall into peelable, permanent, extra-permanent, and cryogenic.

Call us and one of our team will be happy to discuss your exact requirements, let you have a quotation and send samples on request.

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