New Tesco grocery ordering system uses barcodes

Tesco have a launched a new grocery ordering service at Gatwick Airport so passengers can make sure their fridge is stocked up when they return from their travels.

The system has a large interactive chilled cabinet-like display where an assortment of 80 products are displayed along with their corresponding barcode labels. If you want to buy any of the items on display you simply scan the item’s barcode with your smartphone.

Tesco hopes that passengers will use the service so they can have the items delivered to their home on the day they return from their holiday or business trip.

The units are available in Gatwick Airport’s departure lounge in the north terminal. Mandy Minichiello is the marketing manager at Tesco. She’s confident that mobile commerce has a part to play in the company’s future. She said:

“We don’t think it’s a gimmick – it’s a taste of the future,

“In 2016, about 90% of all mobiles will be smartphones.

“We’re doing this as a trial to try to get some customer feedback. We’re keen to make customers lives as easy as possible.

“Increasingly, they want to shop on the go.”

The supermarket giant trialled a similar system in South Korea recently where orders for goods could be made at bus stops and subway stations, the trial was a success and the ordering stations are now permanent fixtures.

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