New Android app uses QR codes

An Android app has just been released by VisitEngland, which features a built-in QR code reader function.
The company’s popular Enjoy England app, which was previously only available to iPhone users, has seen an upgrade which includes over one thousand suggestions for destinations to visit as well as a Google Maps location result with every search.

The QR code reader function should be especially useful for users, as this new type of code, similar to a barcode, is popping up everywhere now and is being used more and more by marketers who want to make their products visible to the general public who have embraced the new technology.

The Google maps function, which will show the destinations on every search result will also allow users to comment via an interactive map.

VisitEngland’s chief executive was quoted as saying on

“The rapid progression of mobile technology is changing the way we access information and as the national tourist board, it is crucial that our visitor information is available when and where people need it most.
“This new app will help even more of us to get the most out of the destination on our doorstep in this very exciting new year.”

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