A multitude of uses for the barcode

We are now all familiar with the barcode, that little piece of printing seem on just about everything that we buy from a store or supermarket, often described as little stripes that are the wonder of the retailing world., now a crucial part of producing and selling a product. The range where these barcodes can be seen is almost endless and in use on a wide range of labels across the world; Asset Labels, Security Labels, Barcode Labels and Custom Labels are a few examples of useful labels, even your lottery ticket!

The increasing popularity of barcode labels has led to huge innovation in the world of data collection since the mid 20th century, 1950 in fact, when they were first used as the technology in Automatic Car Identification systems in the American Railroad Industry. Barcode labels are helping in avoiding product theft and duplication; with barcode labels many companies have improved their logistic skills, in turn boosting profit. This 20th century invention has given millions of companies the advantage of tracking the movement of items such as airline luggage, rental cars and more.

So whether you’re looking for asset labels for tracking your assets, or simply looking to incorporate a barcode on your retail product, we can provide a fast, reliable service to fulfil your requirements. We can print the most popular EAN-13 (retail), codes 128, 39 and QR formats.

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