Moving office is made easy when you use asset tags

If you have implemented an asset tagging system at your company you’ll be amazed how the logistical challenges of moving equipment between departments or even moving an entire office can be overcome.

If you have asset tags attached to all your equipment they’ll come in really handy when you are moving office. If equipment such as computers, monitors, furniture, water coolers and even documentation is all properly labelled, your assets will be protected and you’ll be able to relocate them easily.

If asset tags are fitted to the equipment, none of the equipment will be left behind in the move or will go missing. And if any item does get misplaced it will be easily identified by the person who finds it and then returned to you. Some asset labels also act as a theft deterrent and have seals which if broken alert the owner that the item has been tampered with. Some also have void messages which are displayed if someone tries to peel the label off an item.

Asset tags will thus make your move to a new office quick, easy and help employees feel welcome in their new environment with the same equipment they are used to.

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