The many uses of asset tagging

The barcoding system has revolutionised the way we run today’s business and because employees in a busy supermarket or warehouse need to perfume regular checks on inventory and other items in the organisation.

In retailing, for example, keeping just the right amount of stock is paramount, too little can cause problems with customers, too much and having valuable cash tied up by overstocking is a poor business. By using asset labels you can keep an accurate eye on stock levels and ensure this is at optimum levels.

It is essential that every stock item has individual coding and in this way staff and managers can ensure that the records are updated and accurate. By applying asset tags to every inventory item you will greatly simplify the way that inventory checks are performed and make the task easier and importantly accurate. These regular checks will help to identify losses and also it will enable preventative measures to be implemented and increase profitability.

We can supply asset tags in a number of different designs as well as various sizes, customising the tag or putting the company logo on does not present a problem. The use of barcodes on these tags is a sensible and productive way to ensure efficiently and business-like inventory management

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