How to manage stock and inventory using barcode labels

Keeping of inventory and stock is vital to any well-run business and managers understand the importance of keeping track of all the items you have. Manually taking stock is time-consuming and in a large organisation, or one where the business operates from a number of sites, days can be spent carrying out the task.

It is really easy to make this manual process much quicker and more efficient and this can be achieved by changing over to barcode technology. If you use barcode labels, which can be attached to all the items you own, in addition to stock items for sale, by scanning each item your database will be updated automatically and stock levels can be ascertained in minutes.

Modernising by using barcode labels will dramatically reduce the amount of time that you or your employees spend stocktaking. Using stick-on barcode labels also reduces just about human error. The database you hold will be updated automatically, as and when you systematically scan each item in turn, in no time your stocktake will be completed simply and accurately.

Using an up-to-date database of your stock items, will help the ordering process and it will quickly show which items are slow sellers, allowing you to reduce the amount of these you hold, as well as those items that are performing particularly well. The use of barcodes enables buyers to keep stock levels lower helping to keep expenditure down on slow-selling goods.

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