Making the barcode label of your choosing

When the barcode first appeared on products, you would have none, or little choice about the way that it looked, it was a series of lines. It still is in many ways, but today you can customise your barcode label in a way that would have been considered not possible previously in case it did not read.

At Data Label we can provide you with labels in full colour, and we can add the company name a logo, any number of things. If your budget will meet it we can offer barcode labels which are void or tamper evident Originally barcodes were in black and white because the readers of the time had great difficulty picking out the code on anything else, now with better printing through our digital printing operation, coloured barcodes do not present a problem, particularly for the modern scanner, many of which are capable of reading thousands of items in the space of just a few minutes, this in turn can mean inventory management problems are minimised thus boosting profitability.

Adding a QR code will give your barcode label another dimension, for example directing the user to your company website, or offering information about other products or giving product information. The barcode has come a long way and is one of the best business tools working for you.

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