Low and high temperature labels

Retailers do not live in a perfect world they have to ensure that the products which they are selling always remain pristine and in tip-top condition, irrespective of the temperatures that they may encounter during transit or storage and display.

Perhaps the most difficult situation has to be products that are designed for the deep freeze; the label always has to remain firmly attached to the product and also to be just as readable as it was when attached to the goods.

The first thing to emphasise is that a standard label with normal adhesive will not withstand very low temperatures or very high ones for that matter. The main problem that is encountered with low-temperature labels is the blast freezing that is necessary to ensure that the product is quickly reduced to the correct temperature. Temperatures in the region of minus 40°C are experienced and this needs a special adhesive as the ones which are used on normal labels usually will lose their adhesion at around minus 10°C.

We have been supplying labels for the deep freeze industry for many years and we are confident that we are able to supply labels that will withstand both blast freezing and items which are put into a normal home freezer, our experience also encompasses cryogenic labels used in the medical profession, where temperatures in excess of minus 196°C to Minus 210°C are experienced.

If you have a need for a low or very low-temperature label, contact us and we will be pleased to talk you through all the options that are available.

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