Labels for low and extremely low temperatures

A standard label will generally not withstand extremes of temperatures, both heat and cold and but we at Data Label can provide a solution for any of these. Extremes of cold are often a big problem as more products are being subjected to very low deep freeze temperatures.

The temperatures which are the main cause of concern are commercial blast freezing when the low temperatures of minus 40°C are experienced. This requires a special adhesive as the ones which are used on normal labels usually will lose their adhesion at around minus 10°C.

Even products which are stored in a domestic freezer should reach temperatures down to minus 18°C so we can see that it is important that any frozen product purchased shopil always have a label which is firmly adhered to the product.

Very extremely low temperatures such as those which are used to identify items such as plastic and glass vessels, which are used for preserving blood or donated eggs or sperm, have to be frozen at very extreme temperatures in the range of minus 196°C to Minus 210°Crferred to as cryogenic. This is a very specialist label product and Data Label is able to supply cryogenic labels which will withstand these extremes without degrading, vital when the item needs positive identification.

If you need a label which will withstand these extremes of low temperature, or very high temperatures for that matter, contact us and we will be happy to discuss the options available.

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