labelling Laws Know Them

For many years both here and in most western countries there has been laws to prevent misleading information on a product label. The legislation is meant to protect the consumer and provide education regarding the product’s contents and origins. As more and more products enter the stream of commerce, there have been increasing levels of legislation and monitoring of these items in order to prevent consumer problems.

To quote just one example, cigarettes are strictly controlled and they must have written warnings on cigarette packaging and in addition today rather gruesome pictures as well. Another area which is familiar to most of us is the labels that we see on products such as dietary supplements which cannot by law give misleading information about what benefits the product may have by taking it. For instance, dietary supplement packaging must contain clear and truthful information, which is information that a reasonable individual would easily understand.

If you are labelling a product that is to be sold outside of the United Kingdom, it must comply with the laws of the country of destination, most of UK products are covered in EU law but care should be exercised if sending to countries outside of Europe. If you are in any doubt, we may be able to help or at least advise where the correct information is to be found.

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