Inventory management can be made easy with asset tags

Many companies have stock or equipment that is constantly shifted from one warehouse to another, regularly sent out for repairs and sometimes given out on loan. With all of this movement, there is a chance of equipment going missing or getting stolen. Therefore, it is essential for companies to invest in an effective security plan. Asset tags are an effective way of maintaining stock levels and tracking equipment.

Where asset tags are used

Asset tags are commonly used in commercial establishments and in the retail industry, as many items often need to be tracked closely.

Asset tags to monitor stock levels

Many retail stores use asset tags with barcodes and magnets to keep track of stock levels in their stores. This also helps to reduce theft and instances of price tag switching. The staff at the checkout use a device through which they can detect the price by scanning the tag on the product.

Development of asset tags

Technology is improving constantly and newer asset labels are being invented on a regular basis. Sticky labels are still popular, although barcode labels and hologram labels are also widely used.

With the use of the correct asset tags, inventory management can be made very easy.

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