How to reduce human error

We all make mistakes. It doesn’t matter if we are the head of a global business or a trainee clerk, from time to time we’ll do something wrong. It might be that it’s an error with some financial figures or even sending an email to the wrong person, when we make a mistake we just hold our hands up and say sorry. However, if you are conducting a stock take and need accurate inventory figures mistakes can be time consuming and costly, so how can we minimise these?

Mistakes when stock taking can be all but eliminated when you use a barcode asset tracking system.

When you use barcode technology for inventory tracking human error is reduced dramatically. You don’t have to rely on a person to keep a track of every item – a computer system can do it for you. All that is needed is a barcode scanner. The scanner can scan the item and updated information can be fed into your computer’s database.

Another benefit of using a barcode system is speed of data entry. Barcodes can be read much quicker than a person entering data into a system manually. And because the system is automated the database is updated and you can have all your stock figures at the click of a mouse.

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