How security labels can help to prevent laptop theft

Laptops for some time now have been widely targeted by thieves. Laptops can be easily stolen because of their size and portability. The market for reselling laptops is also big. But due to technology advancements, measures to safeguard laptops have received a big boost. This boost comes in the form of security labels. Using security labels, an individual can mark the laptop with owner information, making the resale of the stolen laptop more difficult.

Security labels in protecting laptops

Security labels are some of the easiest ways through which a person can add user identity to a laptop computer. The security labels are usually made from plastic or metal. They are glued to the laptop using a strong adhesive which hinders theft.

Security labels in combination with etching

Permanent ink marking is often used along with security labels to safeguard a laptop from theft and reselling. Laser etching can also be used to mark the laptop with owner information. However, laser etching is much more expensive than investing in security labels.

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