Get the most by using a QR code on your product

The QR code can be a great advantage to your company and to work for you it needs to be displayed prominently on the product. We have seen that the QR code can be printed in a variety of shapes, colour and sizes, have a picture embedded into and it is there always on display when your product is used.

The QR code can be printed any size, although obviously the larger the code the more likely it is to catch the attention of the consumer. However it can be printed in a discreet manner and we have noted some QR codes placed on a very familiar product that had been sited at the corner of the label and just 5mm square.

Similarly the QR code can be placed on both the back and the front of the product, for example a familiar household we have seen had the QR code discreetly placed on the front of the product and also on the back where the instructions and barcode had been sited. Now this can be the same QR code, or an entirely different one giving out a separate message.

We are now being asked to add QR codes to more product labels and it is easy to understand why. This code can carry far more information than the barcode being two dimensional; this allows QR codes to carry much more information in a smaller space.

If you have not used a QR code previously and would like more information, talk to us and we will be happy to explain the tremendous advantages that can be gained by using a QR code on your product label.

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