Field workers and asset labels

Some companies have a team of staff who all work within the confines of the company premises. However, increasingly businesses are opting to employee remote staff who often work from home or other locations.
This manner of working can provide many benefits including increased flexibility and reduced costs for a company. However, there can be a downside to this manner of working, namely keeping track of company property.

For field-based staff, a company would need to provide a certain amount of equipment to allow them to work remotely efficiently. Depending upon the nature of the business this may include a mobile phone, computer, scanner, printer, shredder etc. Equipment of this nature may be of significant value to the company, and therefore keeping a track of it is crucial.

Asset labels can be used, along with a database or spreadsheet, to keep accurate records of the location of various pieces of equipment. Asset labels can be designed to incorporate a range of information, even a company logo could be included. This would mean that labelling all the business equipment can also act as an added marketing opportunity to increase brand awareness.

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