Easy peelable labels

There are some circumstances when a label needs to be easily removed from an item after it has been sold, it could be a present for example and the price has to be removed. More often than not though, these labels are used on items such as CD covers or books, if fact in the trade they are referred to as Book Peel labels.

The lable has to be easily stuck to just about any surface and the adhesive that is used must have the flexibility to stick the label firmly to the surface of the item, but when the label is removed, no trace of the adhesive should be left.

The adhesive that we would use on our peelable labels would be water based, so that when the label is removed, should any trace of it still be on the item, then a damp cloth will remove any trace. We can supply the label in a variety of shapes and sizes and these can be plain in needed. Naturally we can print the label in full colour, offer it in a variety of materials and they can be glossy or matt.

Typically the peelable label can be used on delicate surfaces such as china, and glass, and we will be pleased to discuss with you the suitability of an easy peel label to the products that you have in mind. Call us and we will be happy to let you have a free quotation and samples for you to test on your product.

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