E Liquid Label Printing

Electronic cigarettes or more familiarly known a “vaping or E cigarettes” has grown from a small very “niche” idea into a multi-million pound business in a relatively short space of time, from 2009 to the present day and this is now worth around £15 billion a year.

This, along with the home brew market, could have presented a challenge to label suppliers, but thankfully for entrepreneurs Data Label was equipped to meet his challenge. Supplying a run of just 500 or 10,000 can be supplied and delivered to you through dedicated couriers ensuring quick safe delivery.

With E liquids it is a wise decision to have these supplied as a waterproof label, and although it’s not required at the moment in UK law, but because the product is liquid the important information such as nicotine content will be always displayed and not rendered unreadable through becoming wet.

Our waterproof labels will stand up to the harshest environments; they have even been subjected to a domestic dishwasher to check their durability. Another requirement should be that they will not fade in sunlight; we will ensure that the E Liquid labels supplied will be UV resistant; for a really durable label we would suggest the use of  3M polyester material, this will give the ultimate in strength and rip resistance. Naturally with our ability to print labels in a huge range of vibrant colours, we can ensure that your E Liquid Label will stand out.

In a relatively young industry, there has yet to be a huge list of requirements that need to be seen on the E Liquid label, there is one however, if the liquid has more than 0% nicotine it must have a tactile triangle label.

For advice on E Liquid label content, sample labels, or a free quotation, contact one of our sales advisers by calling 01293 551520, emailing sales@datalabel.co.uk

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