Durable warehouse labels

In an environment where dirt, dust and grime can just about render most things unusable, you need some sort of labelling method which won’t be hindered by its surroundings.

Many warehouses have environments in which most labelling products simply aren’t up to the job. Labels fall off, stock is misplaced and labels are easily damaged. To stop this from happening and so you can keep a definitive check on what materials you have in stock, you need to use a label which will adhere permanently to the pallet and last as long as the pallet does.

Pallet barcode labels are made from 3M white or silver polyester and when affixed to the pallet remain in situ for as long as is needed. The labels are wipable so dirt and debris can be removed and the printed image won’t fade or discolour.

Other labels used in factories, which need a more permanent labelling solution, include container barcode labels. These labels can be attached to just about any surface including polyethylene and polypropylene and the over-lamination on the surface of the labels means they are very durable and hard wearing.

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