Digital Label Printing

For many, digital label printing is a costly laborious process when compared to the traditional method of printing, but here at Data Label we do not think that way. We are all for digital printing because it means that we know that brands both large and small can benefit from this technology. For small, or brands which are just emerging, with the help of our creative design teams, they can have an eye appeal and as much presence as the big names. We are not suggesting that digital printing is less expensive than the conventional way, but what it does give is amazing value for money and it allows those with smaller budgets to get a lot more for their money and tooling cost can be lower too.

Naturally if you have a larger budget, with the digital process it gives you a variety of different options and we can work with your design teams in options for labelling products. One example of the advantages of the digital printing process is, if you have a product that has is a single brand but with a number of different options the digital printing means that you get a consistency of colour across the whole range giving conformity to the product range even if sitting side by side on a shelf. Digital printing of labels is the way forward.

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