Different types of asset labels

Being able to keep track of what is in stock is vitally important for many companies across the UK. A small asset label fixed to expensive items can therefore be an invaluable tool and can make a big difference in terms of tracking of goods.

Asset labels can be purchased in a wide range of different sizes, shapes and materials. Because a third-party company will print the asset label for you, they can even be customised and ordered in exact quantities to suit your business needs. An asset label could have a company logo, a barcode or even a sequential numbering system printed on the label, making tracking of goods even easier.

Tamper evident asset labels are currently proving very popular. These perform all the tasks of a standard asset label but are very hard to remove easily. If the label is peeked away a ‘VOID’ message is left behind, showing that the item has been tampered with. These labels are perfect to use on the seam of a desktop pc or on the seam of any equipment which contains expensive parts within.

Destructible asset labels are also available which work in a similar way to a tamper asset label, but instead of a void message, the label breaks up into many tiny parts if someone tries to remove the label.

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