Custom labels – what are your options?

There are many different types of barcode labels and asset tags available, in a range of different materials, sizes and styles. Some are more hardwearing and durable, whilst others have tamper-proof qualities.

All of these options mean that business owners can usually find something to suit their needs. However, if you have more specific needs in terms of barcode labels and asset tags, you may want to go for a more customised solution.

Certain data label companies offer you the chance to order custom labels that can be made to your exact specifications. Whether you want non-standard labels for practical reasons (such as to withstand hot or cold environments, direct sunlight or exposure to chemicals) or for aesthetic or brand image reasons, there is always a way to get exactly what you want.

So, what options can you choose with custom labels?

Commonly, business owners ordering custom labels choose their own specifications for the following:

• Size and shape (i.e. square, rectangular, circular etc.)
• Material (i.e. vinyl, paper, anodised aluminium, polyester etc.)
• Adhesive (i.e. peelable, permanent, extra-permanent)
• Design – add your own logo and business details

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