Container barcode labels

We are used to seeing barcode labels printed onto just about every product we buy. However a barcode’s use is not confined to retail packaging. Barcodes are the perfect way of identifying a product and can be used as an effective asset management tool.

Barcodes can be printed on a variety of substrate materials which can even be subjected to harsh environments, such as in a factory or exposed to inclement weather conditions.

Barcode labels for containers

If you have a large number of containers on site, each containing a different liquid, they will need to be easy to identify. And the best, and most accurate, way of doing this is by using barcode labels. Container barcode labels can be affixed to curved or flat surfaces and can even be affixed to polypropylene or polyethylene. The labels are coasted with a grime-resistant overlamination layer which protects the label from rubbing or chemical attack so that the label can be wiped clean and read easily using a barcode reader. The labels will not fade and the barcode will not smear. These labels also use a permanent adhesive so that they will not peel away leaving the container and its contents unidentifiable.

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