Combatting mistakes caused through human error

We are all human and as such, it is inevitable that we can, on occasions, make a mistake or forget to do something from time to time. This applies to the head of the company as well as the newly recruited assistant.

Often this leads to nothing more than just an inconvenience and may mean that someone has to do some extra work or ensure that the business can continue to run smoothly. However, there is one area where a human error or a calculating mistake can adversely appear to affect the profitability of the company and that is when a stock take is taking place. This is where accurate figures are a complete necessity and along with inventory figures, mistakes here can be time-consuming and costly.

So what is the best way to ensure that human error does not creep into the stock take or inventory check? By utilising a barcode asset tracking system, these mistakes can be all but eliminated; you don’t have to rely on a person to keep a track of every item, just let the computer do it for you.

This does not need a huge range of equipment either, just a barcode scanner, when the item is scanned, updated information is fed into your computer’s database. By using barcodes, you will be saving employees valuable time, the codes are read much faster than it is possible for a person to enter data into a system manually. The information is fed back to your database and your stock figures can be accessed in no time, just a simple click of the mouse.

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