Climate labelling scheme for restaurant menus gains financial support in Sweden

CarbonCloud, a service dedicated to helping the global food industry to lower its carbon footprint has been given a start-up grant by the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre. The grant will allow CarbonCloud to continue to develop its web based service CarbonAte, which helps restaurant managers and chefs to develop and endorse climate smart dishes.

The website calculates the environmental impact of every food ingredient in a given dish, producing a climate label that can then be added onto restaurant menus to give consumers a clear climate calculation for dishes.

A representative from the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre Group said that the CarbonAte system had ‘fantastic potential’ adding, “It is an innovation in which digitalisation and sustainability go hand in hand, and which creates an aid which benefits the environment and restaurants, as well as individual guests and visitors.”

Talking about CarbonAte, CEO of CarbonCloud David Bryngelsson said, “Our climate labelling service makes things clearer for both chefs and restaurant guests, and has been received with real enthusiasm.”

In March this year, CarbonAte began working closely with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), which also launched its One Planet Plate scheme recently and aims to work with restaurants to put sustainability first when it comes to the dishes on their menus. This collaboration has meant the continued development of the Food Calculator, which will allow individuals to calculate the environmental impact of certain ingredients.

Would seeing climate labels on menus make you think twice about the food you eat at restaurants? Answer in the comments below.

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