Cheap barcode labels for inventory tracking

Just about every consumer product now features a barcode label on the packaging. Barcodes are extensively used for inventory tracking and product pricing in a retail environment. But they don’t just have to be printed onto a product at the time of manufacture, they can also feature as an add-on item which can be printed onto an adhesive label which can then be stuck onto an item at a point further in the product’s lifecycle.

This way of barcoding stock is especially useful in distribution centres or warehouses where a large number of items need to be kept track of. Barcode labels can be printed onto long rolls and their adhesive allows them to be stuck on any product or location you see fit. Some companies use these labels not on products themselves but on product bins or bays where there stock is usually kept. Using a barcode scanner, a warehouse operative can scan the bin location to add more stock or remove stock from the bin.

The barcodes which are used for item tracking don’t even have to be printed onto paper. Barcodes can also be printed onto other substrate materials such as polyester and aluminium, making them the perfect way to track items in harsh environments where paper labels might not be up to the task.

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