Car Window Stickers – a great way of advertising!

Attaching a sticker to a window has long been recognised a great means of marketing, in fact, if we take the example of motor car dealerships and used car suppliers, putting a sticker onto the rear window of a car has been in “vogue” for many years.

Here at DataLabel we can, with the help of our in house design team help you create a design of your window sticker and with a huge stock of over 5,000 cutters in a range of different sizes and shapes including rectangular, oval and circle, we feel sure that there will be something that is right for you. However, if you require a special shape to fit with your brand, this can be accommodated at a small extra charge.

Window stickers do not have to be restricted as a marketing tool, they can be used for a multitude of applications, parking permits or to just remind a user the time when maintenance is needed. Using window stickers for a range of different applications either inside or outside a window or attached to the side of a van or pleasure craft, these can be easily removed after they have served their purpose, permit has expired or the event has taken place for example.

How you choose your vinyl car window sticker will to some extent depend on what it is displaying. You may decide to choose a sticker in clear gloss, meaning that it will have a clear background, this way we find it is ideal for logos, or perhaps a solid background which means you can fill more of the area with your message and branding.

Good printing for any advertising medium is a necessity, but we consider it more so with vinyl window stickers which is why we offer print at 1440dpi, providing a high quality product and we use eco-friendly ink which not only lowers our environmental footprint, but provides exceptional resistance to fading from UV radiation.

When you are ready we will usually be in a position to deliver your stickers within 3-5 days, but are more than flexible to meet your need if you need them quicker. To chat to one of our sales team or to request a quotation simply fill in our enquiry form or call us directly on 01293 551520.

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