Bud Light adds nutritional label to packaging

It has been suggested that beer drinkers may be unaware that beer contained a lot of calories! Whilst this could be true for a young and inexperienced, possibility first time drinker, we feel sure that a man who has carefully nurtured a “beer belly” will be only too aware that the average pint or 20oz glass has upwards of 180 kcal or more, depending on the alcoholic content!

However, in keeping with the demand today, by governments and health professionals, Anheuser-Busch, the St Louis giant that brews Bud Light, has decided that it is in the public interest to prominently display on their pack labels the beer’s calories and ingredients, as well as the amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein in a serving.

The label that is being produced is a large black and white printed one that currently corresponds with the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration on packaged foods. The information that is given is the usual list of contents, water, barley, rice and hops, but also that for their 12oz can, the amount of energy is 110 kcal, which is the suggested 2% of the recommended daily amount of carbohydrates.

We do not know if the government here or, the brewing industry intends to follow suit, but at Data Label we have both the experience in producing labels which conform precisely to legal requirements, as well as a wide range of standard cutters for producing labels for bottles.

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