Bottle and Jar Labels from DataLabel

It may appear to be an obvious statement to make, but a label attached to a jar or bottle has a simple and very basic function; to describe what is in the container, provide branding for your company, plus there may be some legal requirements too.

For example, some of the statutory requirements would include; on alcoholic beverages need the name and address of supplier or bottler, country of origin and in the case of wines France or Blend of wines from Italy, Spain and Portugal. The all-important quantity within the bottle, the alcoholic strength and the use by dates are just some.

Food packaged in jars requires the weight to be prominently displayed, a ‘best before’ or ‘use by’ date, the name of the food, allergy warnings,  a list of all the ingredients if more than one, storage information and if necessary guide lines for cooking the product. We will be more than happy to discuss what you may and what you must include on your bottle or jar label.

Putting all this information on the bottle label would be pointless if it became unreadable because of exposure to sunlight, moisture, or adverse temperature for example. We can offer a variety of solutions if your product is liable to be exposed to difficult conditions, two examples being UV varnished, or laminated for added print protection will make the label last for a longer period of time than usual. In this respect the adhesive is vital, again we can advise which adhesive would be suitable for just about any condition and ensure that the labels stay firmly attached to the bottle or jar.

Naturally you will want your bottle or jar to attract the customer and stand out from your competitors, material is important and shape too. You may have a particular shape in mind and we are able to supply most shapes from our range of stock cutters, but we can for a small charge supply any shape and size to your own customised unique measurements.

We will help you make your bottle or jar stand out on the shelf from your competitors, with printing techniques that are at  the forefront of label production because we are equipped with the very best digital printing technology, ready to meet today’s demand for high quality labels.

So when you are ready for a supply of labels contact a member of our experienced team who will be happy to help, just call us on 01293 551520, email if you prefer to, or complete our online enquiry form at our website

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