Barcodes Ideal For Tool Hire Companys

Adding a barcode to a tool that is loaned out by a hire shop has an asset label on it to provide identification for security and also to it can have other information en it as well. It can tell the hire company when it was taken out and also when returned the exact period of hire.

Using a standard paper asset label on this would not be much practical use as the asset label is likely to be damaged; paper is perhaps not the best substrate to use. Because of this asset label companies have introduced a range of asset labels which are not only easy to stick on but are also extremely durable and suitable for rough and tough applications.

What would be required here is something a lot more durable such as vinyl these labels are strong enough to withstand the rigours of factory life and being casually used on a building site or a DIY enthusiast. The labels also provide resistance against some types of chemicals and are suitable to be used in applications which have a varying degree of temperature tolerance.

The adhesive would also have to be a permanent type as well so that the asset label cannot be removed or tampered with by the user.

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