Barcodes for patient identification

The use of barcode technology for patient identification is a growing trend at many hospitals and the data stored on the barcode label can hold a lot of useful information outside of the patient’s name, address, date of birth for example. Important information such as allergies, blood groups and admission data can be easily and quickly stored using General Practioners records in advance of a patient’s admission to hospital for routine examination or surgery.

With barcoding, as any technology implementation, the key to success lies in helping nurses and other medical staff confirm patient identification with the greatest possible ease and reliability. The use of bar codes on wristbands is widespread in the United States and is gaining popularity worldwide. The reasons for this are that effective error-free patient identification is one of the most important steps for ensuring the safety of the patient, this helps to prevent dangerous medical errors by making accurate and reliable patient information immediately available to the medical staff during the hospital stay of the patient; barcodes assure positive patient identification through scanning.

Data Label offers a wide range of Barcode labels from EAN-13 & EAN-8 to Code 128 & QR Code’s

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