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Police Use a Form of Security Barcode to Help with Arrests

Barcodes are used every day for a variety of reasons; there are retail barcodes, barcode labels, asset labels and even sometimes barcodes on the post. However, of late there has been a shift in the kind of people that are using barcodes. Rather than only being useful to businesses and shops there has been a recent hype in the use of barcodes in technology.

New Tesco grocery ordering system uses barcodes

Tesco have a launched a new grocery ordering service at Gatwick Airport so passengers can make sure their fridge is stocked up when they return from their travels.

The system has a large interactive chilled cabinet-like display where an assortment of 80 products are displayed along with their corresponding barcode labels. If you want to buy any of the items on display you simply scan the item’s barcode with your smartphone.

Cheap barcode labels for inventory tracking

Just about every consumer product now features a barcode label on the packaging. Barcodes are extensively used for inventory tracking and product pricing in a retail environment. But they don’t just have to be printed onto a product at the time of manufacture, they can also feature as an add-on item which can be printed onto an adhesive label which can then be stuck onto an item at a point further in the product’s lifecycle.

Oxfordshire University Hospitals win award for barcode tracking system

A barcode tracking system which is being used at hospitals in Oxfordshire has won a top safety award.

The barcode scanning system which is being used at Oxforshire’s University Hospitals (OUHs) was introduced around six months ago and after some early teething trouble is now proving its worth. The system can request appropriate tests from a patient’s bedside and has been claimed to remove the need for paper records completely.

Increasing data capture time using barcode technology

If you want to make a success of your business you don’t just have to make sure the systems you have in place work, you also need to make sure that they are robust enough to stand the test of time. Many businesses in the UK are failing because they failed to put systems in place that would see them through the hard times as well as the good times. And one of the best ways that any business can take stock of what it has for future use is to use asset labels.

Hospital barcode scanning system wins award

It has been revealed that the Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) has been handed an award in patient safety for its innovative electronic barcode scanner which is able to identify patients and request tests to be carried out.

The handheld system, which utilises the Positive Patient Identification (PPID) and the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) technologies, has been given the National Patient Safety award.

The importance of barcode labels on the factory floor

With many different types of barcode label now available it’s easy to become slightly confused regarding how important they are in certain environments. Take the factory floor for example, in years gone by a complicated system of number of tracking would have to be implemented to keep track of the movement of stock – thanks to the humble barcode label this has now been eliminated.

Pallet labels

Android users finally get first rate barcode scanning app

Until recently, Apple iPhone users had more reason to shout about their gadget than those using a device utilising the Android platform. This was because leading online retailer Amazon had reserved their highly acclaimed Flow barcode scanning application for the iOS only.

It has now been revealed that Android operating system users can now get this handy app from the Google Play App Store and download it onto their handsets.

New iPod Touch device enables barcode scanning

Honeywell has just released a new device which encases an iPod Touch and makes it a barcode scanning device.

The new Honeywell Captuvo SL22 encapsulates the iPod Touch and uses their Adapted Imaging technology so that it can read barcodes and also the magnetic strips on bank cards.

The device is aimed at the retail market and enables shop assistants to take payments from a range of different payment cards using the software on their iPod Touch to update stock levels.

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