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Tough & Durable Barcode Labels

It is of little value to you or to your customer if the nice neat barcode label you have added to a product becomes unreadable or beginning to look a little worse for wear after a few short weeks or days. If your product is going into a standard retail environment such as a shop or supermarket, it may not have to be made of anything but a standard paper; it will normally be in controlled conditions.

Types & Some Characteristics Of A Barcode Label

We are more than familiar with the barcode today, it is just everywhere that you can imagine. Barcodes are of course available in a wide variety of materials, they cal also have different adhesive backing according to where they may be used.

So which are the materials that are mostly used in barcode? Essentially they can be categorised into three types, aluminium, polyester, and ceramic, the aluminium barcode label is very durable and the information on the surface that lasts for many years, even in harsh conditions, withstanding very hot and very cold temperatures and also chemical attack.

Barcode Or QR Code – Whats The Difference

We all know and love barcodes they have been with us seemingly forever, well in fact they really first saw the light of day in the late 1960 on the American Railroad system, the barcode as we know it came about in 1974 on a packet of Wrigley’s Chewing gum! What then about the new kid on the block the QR code, which came about in 1994 and is similar in many ways to the barcode, but also very different.

The many uses of asset tagging

The barcoding system has revolutionised the way we run today’s business and because employees in a busy supermarket or warehouse need to perfume regular checks on inventory and other items in the organisation.

I retailing for example, keeping just the right amount of stock is paramount, too little can cause problems with customers, too much and having valuable cash tied up by overstocking is poor business. By using asset labels you can keep an accurate eye on stock levels and ensure this is at optimum levels.

Protecting Your Barcodes

Having a barcode label on a product, equipment or freezer pack is of little or no value if it cannot be read by the barcode scanner. Of course it all depends upon how the item is stored, transported or the use to which it is put.

We are able to supply barcode labels which will withstand extreme heat and cold, all manner of outdoor environment such as wet, the exposure to mild or moderate chemicals which are hazardous, or even to surface damage or abrasions.

Keeping your warehouse slick and efficient

The use of barcodes and special labelling can make your warehouse very efficient and also a place, where everything has a place and you know just where to find it. Even if oyur business is to handle many different products, it is not difficult to utilise many kinds of label for these products.

Examples of this are labels which are designed to be read at a distance, high on shelving perhaps, and these kinds of label are what we call reflective labels and they are made from metal, larger than a standard label.

Barcodes We Can’t Live Without Them

Well we suppose it would be possible, but we have become so used to the ease with which they can give us information about an item and this can be used for a multitude of purposes such as stock control, re-ordering, slow selling items inventory control and a multitude of other uses.

Importance Of Labels

We have seen how the trials that took place in Bristol have saved both the NHS as well as the care sector money by ensuring that through a barcoding validation system, not only the correct medication is given but it is to the right person.

The system is also being implemented in some hospitals, which ensures that the nurses who are giving the medication and are responsible for this, are giving correct dose of the medicine to correct patient at the correct time. By using barcode technology, patient safety is improved.

Aluminium Labels

Are you looking for a tough durable stand up to anything that Mother Nature and some humans can throw at me label, then we suggest that you have an aluminium label. We can supply a range of high definition durable barcode labels in aluminium which is one of the most durable barcode labels  for use in situations such as warehousing. These labels are read by a single scan because as we all know, scanning twice or more slows the pick process and reduces operational efficiencies.

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