Barcode labels and asset tags

You’ll likely see barcodes printed on just about every product that you buy in store nowadays, however barcodes don’t just have to be pre-printed onto packaging, they can also be stuck onto a product at a later date thanks to barcode labels.

Barcode labels can be used in industry to locate stock or goods. They can be used to track parcels and deliveries and can also be used in offices to keep files and folders in order. But it’s perhaps the retail market where barcodes labels have found their niche, where they are used to track prices of goods and to track goods which have been sold.

Asset labels on the other hand perform a different function to barcode labels. Asset labels are usually used when a company wants to keep track of their assets. The most common assets tracked include computers, phones and electrical equipment, but medical items, machinery and even furniture can be tracked if it has an asset label attached.

Asset labels are thus used by a company which might wants to keep a close check on their finances and can thus be used to collate date, such as when an item was purchased, when it runs out of warranty, the items usual location and the name of the item’s owner.

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