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Asset identification

A business has many assets, from the people who strive to make it a success, to the items they use on a day-to-day basis as part of their role. Assets can be things such as machinery, tools, desks, computers or even floor coverings. And it’s these assets that make a company what it is.

The assets a company may own may be worth thousands of pounds and some may even be irreplaceable. It’s for these reasons that businesses want to protect their assets.

Field workers and asset labels

Some companies have a team of staff who all work within the confines of the company premises. However, increasingly businesses are opting to employee remote staff who often work from home or other locations.
This manner of working can provide many benefits including increased flexibility and reduced costs for a company. However, there can be a downside to this manner of working, namely keeping track of company property.

Use asset labels to track important business items

Asset tags and barcode labels are being used by businesses on an increasing basis as they try to find ways to reduce business overheads.

Many businesses have a great number of items they use to carry out their business operations. However, because many of these items are portable there is a chance that they will be lost or stolen. One way of keeping track of where all these items are is using an asset tagging and barcode labelling system.

Using durable asset labels to record pertinent information

Asset labels are a great way of identifying goods or assets a company may own or sell. However, in some instances a company may want something more then a standard asset label, as this may not be suitable for the conditions in which the product or asset will be stored.

If you are looking for durable asset labels you should be able to find a product which is resistant to:

Some points about asset labels

Asset labels are a simple and effective way of tracking your businesses property. This may include any stock supplies or office property or allowing you to keep accurate records of all your company assets. This labour saving method can be particularly useful during processes such as stock taking or company equipment logging.

Track assets using asset labels

Asset labels are a useful way of labelling and tracking your company’s assets. However, it is important to select the correct label for the task. Labels can be made out of a number of different materials, each with different properties, and therefore you must consider which is the most appropriate for your intended use.

Materials used in the manufacture of asset labels include aluminium, vinyl and polyester.

Using barcode labels to aid inventory management

Many people don’t have a handle on what inventory items they have in stock and what items are needed to boost stock levels. Managing your inventory items is however very important, as effective control of all the items you have on site can improve business efficiencies and hence improve business performance.

If you use barcode labels or asset tags you can make a real difference to how your business operates. Using these simple tracking devices you can determine your stock levels instantly and can keep track of all items you may have in your possession.

Three benefits of using asset labels

Asset labels are a useful business item identification tool. In their most basic form they are basically a numbered label, which can be affixed to any number of assets or equipment. However, when used with asset management software they can become an invaluable tool which should be used by any business operation.

Labelling items
Asset labels can be used to label many items in your workplace, including:

• Protective equipment
• Computer equipment
• Uniforms
• Stationery supplies

Using asset tags to create an asset register

Companies across the UK invest a lot of money into the assets they own. And there is thus a great need to make sure they are protected so that missing assets can be claimed for. Many companies don’t realise the amount of money they have tied up in their assets and it’s only when multiple assets are lost or stolen they realise the importance of having some sort of asset register.

Using asset tags