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Durable asset labels and durable barcode labels

Standard asset labels and barcode labels usually come in an easy-to-stick on paper format which provide easy identification of products. But if the asset label is likely to be damaged in any way paper is perhaps not the best substrate to use. Because of this asset label companies have introduced a range of asset labels which are not only easy to stick on but are also extremely durable and suitable for rough and tough applications.

Some uses for asset labels

Many companies are now realising the importance of tagging all the assets they own. Expensive items such as laptop computers, clothing, tools and other sensitive equipment can all be tagged with a unique tracking code so that it can be found at a moment’s notice.

There are many benefits of using asset tags, some of them are detailed below.

Proof of ownership

Why do I need asset labels?

Companies are starting to realise that asset labels are a necessity in every business sphere. Essentially an asset label is a tag or label which is used to identify individual items. These asset tags are also usually numbered to help identification of similar items.

Asset tags are usually used alongside asset management software so equipment which has an asset label can be tracked. The number on the asset tag or the barcode on the asset tag is unique to each individual item and an asset register kept on a computer using asset management software.

The two top benefits of using assert labels

Data collection is extremely important for most businesses nowadays as money is often tight. And when data is handled accurately and efficiently the management of the cash flow though a business is also handled in this professional manner.

Data collection technology has moved on leaps and bounds over the last few years and where once a person would perhaps have had to manually do a stock take of all the items that were in their possession, they can now simply scan the barcode of an item to check stock levels.

Asset labels – remote working

The manner in which many businesses are run is evolving. Increasingly companies are moving away from a classic central office set-up, and are reducing overheads and improving flexibility for staff by allowing employees to work from home, or in other suitable locations.

Whilst this manner of working has many advantages for both business and employees, it can make it more challenging to track the company assets in a reliable manner. A good method to help with this problem is the use of asset labels.

Portable appliance testing asset labels

Many company assets are required by law to be tested for electrical safety on a regular basis. For some portable equipment, such as computers or servers the frequency of these tests may only be set at once per year and the appliances might be relatively easy to find for the appliance tester. However, for other types of equipment such as electric power drills or electric welding gear the frequency of the test will increase, as will the difficulty in finding the equipment so it can be tested.

Asset labels featuring barcodes

Most assets within a commercial or industrial establishment are now numbered so that the company can keep a track of the asset. However, there are a few other systems which can be used besides just numbering to increase business efficiencies when stocktaking and waste tracking.

In the past the best way of keeping a record of the items that your business owned was to number all the items and keep an asset register so that each asset could be tracked. However, with advances in technology this simple numbering process has now moved into the 21st century.

American firm uses barcode labels for effective asset tracking

Asset tags and barcode labels are an incredibly useful medium for ensuring that equipment owned by a company is not lost and is always trackable. A Californian security firm recently found this to be the case as they installed a new asset management system for their business.

Paladin Security in Sacramento, California, found that they would not be seen as credible in the security industry if they could not be trusted to protect their own assets and so they went for a solution called MobileAsset by Wasp.

Asset labels can help to track your company equipment

When you have a need to keep track of all the assets owned by your company asset labels are an excellent solution. Once you have identified the need for these labels it is all about selecting the right one for the situation.

Many different materials are used to make labels, each with their own set of features and benefits. Therefore, you should carefully consider the intended use of the labels so you can get asset labels with the most suitable properties.

Asset labels for a flexible workforce

In the past with most business conducted in offices, there was not really any need to track company property which was used by employees. Nowadays, with many people working in the field or using their homes as a base for carrying out their role, other solutions were necessary.

With companies now offering a more flexible way of working, staff will be taking equipment from the business premises and so it makes it more difficult to track who has what and where it is at any given time.