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The three benefits to a business of using asset labels

Office items need to be easily identified for numerous purposes, and to do this asset labels are perfectly placed in the market.

When asset labels are used with dedicated asset management software, keeping track of all the items you own becomes easy and a detailed itinerary is made possible.

Asset labels can be used to mark a range of different office items including laptop computers, tools, printers, scanners and even the office kettle or toaster.

Safeguard your things using asset tags

Safeguarding property is made easy if you use asset tags. Asset tags are a must have for any new company, they represent a way that all the items you own can be traced or tracked, thus safeguarding your belongings.

Asset tags are usually an adhesive label which might feature a number or barcode and have an adhesive backing. Using the adhesive, the tag can be stuck to just about any item you own, reducing the chances of opportunistic theft and providing a visual deterrent.

Why does your business need asset labels?

You’ve most likely already heard of asset labels. Asset labels are becoming more common all the time as businesses try to keep track of the items they own. They are now widely used across the UK by many companies, large and small. Some of the reasons a company might use asset labels include:

Identifying office items

Asset labels help protect homeowner’s property

Latest police figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed that thefts from homes actually increased during 2010 and 2011. In response, online company has advised that homeowner’s property can be protected if the items have asset labels fixed to them.

Figures by insurance company Aviva, which were published in March, show that thefts from gardens and outbuildings rise during the summer months. And in response to this say that using asset tags or asset labels could be the perfect deterrent.

How to reduce human error

We all make mistakes. It doesn’t matter if we are the head of a global business or a trainee clerk, from time to time we’ll do something wrong. It might be that it’s an error with some financial figures or even sending an email to the wrong person, when we make a mistake we just hold our hands up and say sorry. However, if you are conducting a stock take and need accurate inventory figures mistakes can be time consuming and costly, so how can we minimise these?

Types of asset tags and fixing requirements

It’s easy to keep a track of all your business assets when you use asset tags. Asset tags can be used to identify everything you own, right from your laptop computer to the large manufacturing machine you have in the production suite at your manufacturing plant.

It’s important to know that some asset tags are manufactured specifically so that they cannot be tampered with. Or if they are tampered with the owner of the equipment can know easily that this has happened.

Improve business productivity

Your business productivity can be greatly enhanced when you use asset labels. Asset labels are perfect for those businesses which are struggling to cope in the difficult economic climate, as they can streamline operations by adopting an efficient way of identifying all the goods or items which they own.

Using custom barcode labels and asset tags

If you need to provide a way of identifying all the assets you have there is no better way than using barcode labels or asset tags. These labels are the perfect device to use for every type of business and because they are available in a wide range of designs they are suitable for general office use or suitable for use in a factory environment.

Durable asset labels and durable barcode labels

Standard asset labels and barcode labels usually come in an easy-to-stick on paper format which provide easy identification of products. But if the asset label is likely to be damaged in any way paper is perhaps not the best substrate to use. Because of this asset label companies have introduced a range of asset labels which are not only easy to stick on but are also extremely durable and suitable for rough and tough applications.

Some uses for asset labels

Many companies are now realising the importance of tagging all the assets they own. Expensive items such as laptop computers, clothing, tools and other sensitive equipment can all be tagged with a unique tracking code so that it can be found at a moment’s notice.

There are many benefits of using asset tags, some of them are detailed below.

Proof of ownership