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The importance of using asset tags

Retail oriented companies need to use asset tags as a form of identification for the items they own. The asset tags are semi-permanent labels which have an adhesive backing on which the product information is added.

Why should you use asset tags?

Asset tags can be used in any profession. People often use them for personal reasons as well. Asset tags are very durable and versatile. You can use them anywhere, regardless of the environmental conditions in which the asset is kept. Certain countries even use asset tags for their defence services in order to track their assets all over the world.

Asset labels and asset tracking

There are many organisations with tight budgets who are trying to reduce their business expenditures as far as possible. Asset labelling and tracking may seem like a huge expenditure but in the long run it could prove to be very helpful in saving a business money.

Keep a track of your tools and equipment with asset tags

Asset labels are also referred to as property labels, security stickers, asset tags, barcode labels and ID tags. These labels are available in different types and sizes. Different materials are also used for making asset tags. Some of the popularly used materials include vinyl, polyester and aluminium foil. This allows you to choose the materials depending on whether you want to use asset labels indoors or outdoors.

Can asset labels survive tough conditions?

Do you hold expensive and valuable assets within your company, like modern high-tech electrical equipment and valuable machinery. If yes, then it is absolutely necessary to affix asset tags onto them. Tagging your assets allows you to track them constantly as well as render them ‘thief-proof’.

Instead of maintaining huge log files for all the equipment you own, you can simply have all the information labeled with a barcode. Whenever required, the information can be scanned via a bar-code scanner

VOID asset labels and permanent labels

We will discuss two categories of asset labels; ‘permanent vinyl labels’ and ‘silver void labels’

Permanent vinyl asset labels

Most applications use this kind of label. These labels are of a better quality than the paper versions. The adhesive used forms a super strong bond with most surfaces it comes into contact with, provided the surface is clean. Maximum strength is obtained when the label is left on for more than four hours. The glue hardens and the label is impossible to remove without damaging it.

Asset and security labels

A safe and secure way of protecting your property is through using security tags and labels. Every one of us has lost or misplaced something and the same applies to busi-nesses.

Security tags
Using security and asset labels sends out a clear ‘beware’ signal to any would-be thieves. Having a security tag says that the item can be traced and so discourages peo-ple from trying to steal it. The thief might opt for an easier target, rather than targeting something which seems protected.

Effective management of assets

Asset management labels are numbered labels which you attach to your property. The number on the labels helps to keep track of the goods and improves asset management on the whole.

Asset tracking software packages are widely available on the market. However, choosing the right one is important. Your choice will largely depend on how detailed you want the management and tracking of goods to be. There are low cost as well as high cost packages available on the basis of the number of functions they carry out. There is also software available that comes with a pre-installed report system.