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Why do asset labels have to be super-durable?

Asset labels, also known as asset tags, can be hugely helpful for businesses and organisations. They allow you to keep track of all of your property, including valuable items such as computer equipment, furniture and machinery.

When all of your company property is asset tagged, it is indelibly marked as belonging to you. This can act as a deterrent to theft, but it also means that you can track items if they are lost, misplaced or stolen. It can also be useful if you regularly loan items to other businesses, as you can keep track of what’s out on loan and when it needs to be back.

The three main advantages of asset labels

Asset labels can be more useful for your business than you may realise. They have many advantages, such as the three outlined below…

Advantage #1 – Asset labels allow you to track items more easily

If an item is misplaced or stolen, you are more easily able to pin down its whereabouts using asset labels and the corresponding asset management software. Similarly, if you loan items or equipment to other companies, asset tags help you to coordinate the process and ensure that everything is returned safely and on time.

The benefits of asset labelling and tracking

Almost every organisation ceaselessly strives to decrease their expenditure and save money. However, investing in asset labelling and tracking systems could eventually help your organisation save a lot of money in the future.

Even if your company has a policy that they will not buy any new equipment till such a time, the least that can be done is to make an audit. If possible you can also implement systems that will help in preventing your company’s assets from being misplaced or stolen.

The various types of asset label

Most companies are susceptible to losing their goods due to theft or misplacement. Being able to keep track of the company’s stock gives the management piece of mind. A small asset label on expensive and important items will make a big difference as the items can now be kept track of.

The importance of using asset tags

Retail oriented companies need to use asset tags as a form of identification for the items they own. The asset tags are semi-permanent labels which have an adhesive backing on which the product information is added.

Why should you use asset tags?

Asset tags can be used in any profession. People often use them for personal reasons as well. Asset tags are very durable and versatile. You can use them anywhere, regardless of the environmental conditions in which the asset is kept. Certain countries even use asset tags for their defence services in order to track their assets all over the world.

Asset labels and asset tracking

There are many organisations with tight budgets who are trying to reduce their business expenditures as far as possible. Asset labelling and tracking may seem like a huge expenditure but in the long run it could prove to be very helpful in saving a business money.

Keep a track of your tools and equipment with asset tags

Asset labels are also referred to as property labels, security stickers, asset tags, barcode labels and ID tags. These labels are available in different types and sizes. Different materials are also used for making asset tags. Some of the popularly used materials include vinyl, polyester and aluminium foil. This allows you to choose the materials depending on whether you want to use asset labels indoors or outdoors.

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