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Void asset labels for hire companies

In any industry which tracks its assets, using asset labels is a high priority. Asset labels or asset tags can be fitted to every piece of equipment you own so it can be tracked. Unfortunately, if you rent or hire equipment, you also need to make sure that the equipment is not tampered with and the equipment is in a good condition when it is returned to you.

Industrial asset labels

In a business world which needs to keep a constant check on valuable assets, asset labels are invaluable tools.

In the past asset labels usually used a simple numbering system to define between separate assets. A log of the assets would be kept in paper form and the assets manually checked on a frequent basis.

How asset tags can come in handy when moving premises

If you are planning a premises move for your company, there are a huge number of logistical challenges to consider and overcome. The overall aim should be to make the move as smooth and stress-free as possible, and this is where asset tags can come in extremely handy.

It is a good idea to mark all of your company’s property, from equipment, tools and furniture to pot plants and water coolers, with asset tags before the move. You should ideally have these in place already, to ensure that all of your company’s assets are protected.

What is the purpose of over-laminated barcode labels and asset tags?

Before specially designed durable labels were available, company owners and managers found themselves wasting time and money replacing barcode labels that disintegrated, faded or were otherwise damaged by adverse conditions.

However, labels and tags are now available that have specially made to withstand a wide variety of tough conditions, including exposure to the elements, chemicals and extreme heat and cold temperatures.

Loaning out equipment? Use asset labels to keep track of everything

Asset labels, also known as asset tags, are commonly used by companies wanting to keep track of all their assets. Whether it is valuable equipment and tools, computer equipment or simply desks and chairs, asset tagging items gives business owners a quick and easy way to mark their property.

However, asset tags also have another very important use. If your company regularly loans out tools, equipment or other items to other firms or organisations, or even individuals, you may be looking for a better way to keep track of everything.

More efficient business management with barcode labels and asset tags

If you’re like every other business manager in the UK, you are likely to want to keep on top of every single aspect of your business. It used to be impossible to do this, but now new technology is around to give you a helping hand.

Barcode labels and asset tags are proving to be very valuable to business managers, especially in firms which have warehouses full of stock, merchandise, tools or equipment.

Why do asset labels have to be super-durable?

Asset labels, also known as asset tags, can be hugely helpful for businesses and organisations. They allow you to keep track of all of your property, including valuable items such as computer equipment, furniture and machinery.

When all of your company property is asset tagged, it is indelibly marked as belonging to you. This can act as a deterrent to theft, but it also means that you can track items if they are lost, misplaced or stolen. It can also be useful if you regularly loan items to other businesses, as you can keep track of what’s out on loan and when it needs to be back.

The three main advantages of asset labels

Asset labels can be more useful for your business than you may realise. They have many advantages, such as the three outlined below…

Advantage #1 – Asset labels allow you to track items more easily

If an item is misplaced or stolen, you are more easily able to pin down its whereabouts using asset labels and the corresponding asset management software. Similarly, if you loan items or equipment to other companies, asset tags help you to coordinate the process and ensure that everything is returned safely and on time.

The benefits of asset labelling and tracking

Almost every organisation ceaselessly strives to decrease their expenditure and save money. However, investing in asset labelling and tracking systems could eventually help your organisation save a lot of money in the future.

Even if your company has a policy that they will not buy any new equipment till such a time, the least that can be done is to make an audit. If possible you can also implement systems that will help in preventing your company’s assets from being misplaced or stolen.

The various types of asset label

Most companies are susceptible to losing their goods due to theft or misplacement. Being able to keep track of the company’s stock gives the management piece of mind. A small asset label on expensive and important items will make a big difference as the items can now be kept track of.