Asset tags – The different types and choices

It is becoming difficult for companies to keep a track of equipment and assets they own. Managers do not have the time and find it difficult to keep a tab of all assets. Sometimes, employees themselves steal material from the company for their personal benefit.

Therefore, it is essential for corporations to label their assets in a secure manner. Merely tagging the equipment with a paper tag does not serve the purpose. You need to use secure tags like asset tags.

What are asset tags?

These are nothing but labels with covered metal strips that contain information. Adhesive is used on plastic to cover the metal strip. The asset tag will contain data through which the products can be traced. Asset tags are used in shops, offices and government organisations. They are available in different shapes, sizes and materials. You could also get personalised asset tags that can bear your company’s logo and stamp.

Types of asset tags

Tamper evident asset tags come with a sticky adhesive. This label is tamper proof and cannot be removed easily. Hence transferring it to other assets is impossible.

Polyester asset tags are strong and have a long life. This type of label protects the barcode from being tampered with. It also prevents blurring and scratching.

Destructible vinyl labels as the name suggests get destroyed easily. A little bit of tampering with, leads to complete destruction of the tag.

Using asset tags are essential as they help companies to note their assets and equipment.

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