Asset tags and remote working

Today many people are field based or even work from home and less emphasis is placed upon the time when a business may have had a stable number of staff who all worked in the office; then there was no need to track company items. Add to that turnover of staff is now more prevalent, with people moving jobs around twice as often as they did just a few decades ago.

Because of this and the fact that companies are now offering more flexibility in terms of work location it’s often the case that company equipment will be removed from site. Naturally tracking the location of valuable equipment such as laptops mobile phones and similar items makes it imperative that these items have asset labels on them. By tagging office equipment, managers don’t have to worry when company assets are removed from company premises.

When an asset tag or label has been fixed to valuable equipment, the item is less likely to be stolen or be lost as the person using the item will be careful to look after the item properly. We have a wide variety of asset labels and tags to offer to business, these include vinyl, polypropylene, polyester, aluminium, tamper evident, or destructible vinyl asset labels and stickers. Give us a call and we will be pleased to discuss all the options with you.

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