Asset tags can improve efficiency and also help with the brand

Asset tags come in many options these can be extremely durable for industrial use, others which do not have to stand up to such extreme conditions can instead feature a barcode or a brand name promoting the company.

For your business it’s important that you secure your assets and the best way to do this is by having a database containing all the relevant information, this will ensure that you are able to improve business efficiency and also ensure that the value of assets is safely recorded.

Asset tags can be fitted to expensive items such as laptop computers and tablets which if they contain a barcode, passing them over a reader ensures that your register is always up to date.

Asset labels or tags also can ensure that the name of the company is always at the forefront, vital for any company but more so for a new or emerging operation anxious that the marketing of the goods they are selling is always in the public domain. For a hire shop or tool hire company, asset tags are a must, this ensures inventory control whist also helping the tool hire or shop name is prominently displayed.

If you believe that asset tags could help you in your business, call DataLabel and we will happily discuss the many options which are open to you.

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