Asset labels – Their importance to business

Asset labels cannot be copied easily. They are thus often used in places where tracking of a company’s assets is required. They can be used for tagging computer parts, office equipment, memory cards or any type of equipment you want. Asset labels have barcodes, issuance codes and serial numbers printed on them.

The applications of different asset labels

Standard paper barcode labels may not work for every type of product or equipment; you might need something a little more robust. Metal asset tags are the best choice in situations like this. They cannot be tampered with or removed easily. Tagging information is engraved on the metal tag and is not affected by wear and tear. Water pipes, machine parts, tools and engine parts are usually labeled by metal asset tags.

Metal asset tags ensure that all the information remains readable despite high temperatures and inclement climatic conditions. For further protection of metal labels, metal grilles can be fitted over them.

Foil labels are usually used for tagging perishable food items and other things which change state due to environmental conditions. These labels are reflective and they respond to optical reading devices. Foil labels are used extensively in the business world. Business processes track the movement of every raw material, finished goods, sale and replenishment by using foil labels.

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