Asset labels that will withstand the toughest conditions

For any company which owns modern high-tech electrical equipment and valuable machinery keeping them tagged is vital but the tags or labels have to also be able to withstand the harshest of conditions. Tagging your assets allows you to track them constantly as well ensuring they are a deterrent to thieves.

With asset label it is no longer necessary to keep huge files of all the equipment owned by the company you can simply have all the information labelled with a barcode. Whenever required, the information can be scanned via a bar-code scanner.

For heavy equipment, there are a variety of labels to choose from depending on the purpose you need, these would normally have tough metallic labels which can survive harsh conditions such as exposure to corrosive chemicals and intense heat. The information is carefully sealed within aluminium and protective anodising and is protected for years, against heat, cold and physical damage. Teflon is another material which can and is used for labelling heavy machinery subject to these conditions.

If your equipment will be used outdoors and will be exposed to moisture, steel labels are ideal for the purpose as this is anti-corrosive and can withstand harsh weather. The steel label is also extensively used within the food and catering to ensure that there can be no contamination from metal or other materials. With steel labels’ the data and barcodes are super fused onto a stainless steel surface and able to withstand temperatures of up to one thousand degrees.

Contact us and we will be pleased to discuss with you the many options available for asset labels’ that might be subject to harsh conditions.

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