Asset labels help remote working

In the past when business had a stable number of staff who all worked in the office there was no need to track company items. However, nowadays many people are field based or even work from home. Staff turnover has also greatly increased from the point it was at just a few years ago, with people moving jobs around twice as often as they did just a few decades ago.

Because companies are now offering more flexibility in terms of work location it’s often the case that company equipment will be removed from site. This can make it extremely difficult to track the location of items and a business may hence not know the location of all the items they own.

Because of the way businesses now operate, the use of asset labels has surged over the last decade. Many companies now affix asset labels on all their items so that managers don’t have to worry when company assets are removed from company premises.

Asset labels can be fixed to equipment such as mobile phones, laptop computers and even to things such as company stationery. When an item has an asset label attached it is less likely to be stolen or be lost as the person using the item will be careful to look after the item properly.

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