Asset labels can help to track your company equipment

When you have a need to keep track of all the assets owned by your company asset labels are an excellent solution. Once you have identified the need for these labels it is all about selecting the right one for the situation.

Many different materials are used to make labels, each with their own set of features and benefits. Therefore, you should carefully consider the intended use of the labels so you can get asset labels with the most suitable properties.

Some of the most common materials used to make asset labels include polyester, vinyl and aluminium. We will now take a brief look at each:

Polyester – The layer of polyester laminated to these labels us extremely durable and will protect against scratching as well as certain chemicals. These labels are also able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Vinyl – The great thing about vinyl is that it can be stuck to a wide variety of surfaces and has temperature resilient properties too, making it a very useful material to manufacture asset labels out of.

Aluminium – asset labels made from anodised aluminium are perfect for outdoor and indoor use as they can withstand more harsh environments, while proving to be highly durable.

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