Asset labels and security tags

Asset labels and security tags are some of the best ways to protecting your personal as well as business items and it is an economical option that is now being considered at many places.

It is always recommended that a barcode label be added to the asset label and if possible a small yet strong message on it, indicating that the item and the tag are traceable. The addition of the barcode can give an impression to thieves that it is a security label and that they should not be fiddling around with it. This will may make them ditch their effort to steal such an item and the label on it can be used to track the item’s true owner later.

A variety of asset labels are available in the market. Right from simple labels, that is a plain white label with black writing on it, to a high quality 200 microns plastic label with a very strong adhesive. The higher-end models of labels are extra tough due to the increased thickness in the plastic and the strong adhesive increases its bonding to the item. There are also tamper proof labels available. These labels are not easy to remove and if they are removed, they will leave a mark which is an indication that it has been tampered with.
Security tags can give extra protection to your items and if it is coupled with a database of the inventory, then it can also be used to track and trace misplaced or lost items.

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