Asset Label information

We have seen how an asset labels can be invaluable to business to ensure that computers, printers, Xerox machines, fax machines, office furniture and electrical appliances are protected and easily identified. Using asset tags is a simple procedure, and they are also a cost-effective method of identifying, tracking and preserving an organisation’s property.

The loss of an asset can really have a negative impact on the finances of a company, so it is necessary that managers make the best use of things of value to the organisation. The label or tag is fitted to the item and it is essential that the adhesive is strong enough to ensure that it will not peel off, otherwise it becomes worthless.

However just what can be printed on an asset label? Well it is almost unlimited but the major items would be: Barcode information, Serial or part number, Marketing copy, The company name and logo if preferred, Safety information, Perhaps some details of the product, or what it contains.

With very few restrictions on what can be printed on an asset label, it becomes clear that tasks such as stock taking become very much easier; simply scan the asset label and the information is transferred to the company data base.

If you believe that asset tags can help on your business, contact us and we will be happy to talk you through the full range of benefits asset tags can bring to your company.

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