Asset identification

A business has many assets, from the people who strive to make it a success, to the items they use on a day-to-day basis as part of their role. Assets can be things such as machinery, tools, desks, computers or even floor coverings. And it’s these assets that make a company what it is.

The assets a company may own may be worth thousands of pounds and some may even be irreplaceable. It’s for these reasons that businesses want to protect their assets.

Many companies are now realising the benefits of using asset tags to identify each and every asset they own. The asset tags or labels contain a unique identifier, such as a number or a barcode and the asset details are stored within a database on a computer system. This allows business owners to keep an up-to-date inventory record of all their assets, which can be used for insurance and stock-taking purposes.

If any asset needs to be checked, it can simply be looked up on the computer system and its location, date of purchase and any other relevant information found.

Asset tracking is really easy when asset labels are fitted to the items a company owns. And when you use a barcode system and barcode scanner, asset tracking not only saves you money it is also a quick way of checking assets and stock.

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