American firm uses barcode labels for effective asset tracking

Asset tags and barcode labels are an incredibly useful medium for ensuring that equipment owned by a company is not lost and is always trackable. A Californian security firm recently found this to be the case as they installed a new asset management system for their business.

Paladin Security in Sacramento, California, found that they would not be seen as credible in the security industry if they could not be trusted to protect their own assets and so they went for a solution called MobileAsset by Wasp.

Following a spate of missing equipment such as fuel credit cards and even Taser guns, managers at the security firm decided they needed to act and keep better track of their inventory at any given time. They now track all of their company assets relating to security and surveillance so that it reduces the chances of it being lost or stolen.

With a lot of expensive equipment on the company’s books this technological solution to record and monitor the location of these items was necessary. A barcode number is now assigned to all of this equipment, which can effectively be scanned and checked using the system.

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